New flower-portraits collection
Beautiful florals, inspired by the first whispers of spring

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Find out what's new and what's next from Willoughby mixed-media photographic artist, Cath Smith. Check out the blog, or browse the latest collection, and find out where you can buy or commission your own fine art piece.
Flower-portraits collection
Fine-art prints on a beautiful matte paper with the texture of cold-pressed watercolor paper, these beautiful soft flower-portraits can be purchased individually, as a small collection, or uniquely commissioned to create a flower-portrait of flowers that are special to you.

These floral-portraits are crafted in an extraordinary three-stage process. The artist first selects or creates an appropriate hand-painted canvas background for the image. The flower is simply staged, lit, and photographed to capture its unique nature and shape. Then the final image is lightly retouched to remove blemishes before the artistic finishes are applied. Artistic finishing includes painting light on the image to bring out the shape and flow of the flowers. A second photograph of a specially hand-painted canvas is digitally composited onto the flower-portrait to create the signature painterly look for the collection.
Individual Images
Single prints are available in three sizes, unmounted or framed. 
Image collections
Collections include three prints of the same flower. Available in two sizes, either unframed or framed.
Limited Editions
Two limited edition collections - "Rose" and "Iris" are only available as limited edition giclee prints. Contact me for more details.
About Us
Cath Smith Photography 
38033 Euclid Avenue, Ste T4 
Ohio, 44094 
(440) 497-0023 
Cath Smith Fine Art is owned and operated by Willoughby artist, Cath Smith. After a life-long interest in art and photography, Cath is thrilled to combine physical paintings with beautiful photography to craft fine-art portraits that bring joy to your home or workplace.

Cath is an award-winning portrait artist and one of the 2018 Top-Ten Professional Photographers of Ohio.